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Before you can buy run flat tyres, you need to know exactly what they are, and whether they are suited to the car you drive.

Run flat tyres are a fantastic new technology, which is found on high end sports cars, hatchbacks and saloons, and are designed to keep you driving, even if you have a flat tyre. Run flat tyres are designed with strengthened outer walls, which are designed to maintain the shape of the tyre, even when it loses pressure.

Drivers driving a car fitted with run flat tyres can continue driving for another 50 miles, at speeds of up to 50mph, allowing them to get off the motorway, or to a garage to get their tyre changed.
How can I tell if I should buy run flat tyres?

For run flat tyres to work effectively the driver must know when they get a puncture, so they can slow down to below 50mph, and head straight to a garage. Cars which are suitable for run flat tyres are fitted with a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) which can alert the driver to a loss of tyre pressure. You should not buy run flat tyres if your car does not have such a system fitted to it.

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