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Goodyear tyres was founded in the late 1890s and has gone on to become one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. The company was named after the man who is credited with inventing vulcanised rubber, Charles Goodyear, and was formed after his death. Goodyear invented vulcanised rubber in the early 1800s and it went on to have many other uses before being used on tyres.

The company was founded in the US, and Goodyear tyres are one of America's most successful exports. As is typical with successful American companies, Goodyear got their brand marketing correct early on, and the Goodyear blimp, a giant airship has appeared at sporting events up and down the country, and all over the world for the last 100 years, and is one of their most successful forms of advertising, also streaming live overhead pictures to viewers at home.

It is in Motor Racing that Goodyear have really made their name, and through their association with NASCAR, the biggest motor racing event in America, and Formula One, the most successful racing format in the world, that Goodyear has made its presence felt.

In Formula One, Goodyear can point to a world record 368 Grand Prix wins as proof of their pedigree as a tyre manufacturer for extreme motor sports. Critics will point to their spell as a sole supplier but only 113 wins were recorded during that period, leaving them with over 250 wins when other manufacturers were around, still many more wins than the next best manufacturers total.

The team can also point to the 24 different driver's championships and 26 constructor's championships as proof of consistency throughout a season.

In the US, Goodyear is the current sole suppliers for the NASCAR racing series.

Goodyear tyres largest business is their passenger tyres division, but the company also have huge aircraft, van and lorry tyre manufacturing divisions, all who share their knowledge and research to help Goodyear stay ahead of their rivals when producing new tyres. Goodyear also now own the UK division of Dunlop tyres, taking further knowledge from one of the most famous tyre brands in the world.

The Goodyear tyres research team do lot's of work with all of their divisions, and the firm work closely with specific vehicle manufacturers to produce tyres that suit the characteristics of certain popular cars. Goodyear tyres have used their test tracks in Luxembourg and France to help develop a tyre with Ford, which has both air pressure and temperature monitoring built in, alerting the driver of any potential problems before they have an accident.

In the UK, the Goodyear Eagle F1 is the brand premier tyre, and has been developed to offer performance in all conditions. The tyre has been designed to offer particular resistance to aquaplaning, reducing the drivers chances of crashing in the wet.