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Continental tyres were founded in 1871, and like Pirelli tyres were not initially founded as a tyre manufacturer, instead concentrating on other popular uses for rubber at the time. At its initial creation, the firm was known as Continental-Caoutchouc und Gutta-Percha Compagnie which was later shortened to Continental, or Conti, as it was such a mouthful.

Since its inception in 1871 the firm has enjoyed fantastic success and in 140 years has become the fourth largest tyre manufacturer in the world, with just Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodyear making more tyres than Continental.

After originally not making tyres at all, the firm now make motorbike tyres, car tyres, and even bicycle tyres and sell their range to nearly every country in the world. The company also have a very successful lorry and bus manufacturing division, and are one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in that field. Unlike some brands, Continental sell all of their tyres under the same Continental brand.

As a company, their turnover is around 20billion a year, and with around 150,000 employees worldwide, Continental is one of the biggest companies in the world. Continental now has their headquarters in Hannover in Germany, where their whole operation is run with typical German efficiency and quality.

Continental can point some of their success to diversifying their skills, and also produce brakes, tachographs, engine injection systems and vehicle stability control systems at their factories all over the world.

Despite being one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, 

Continental tyres were happy to join forces with the second largest, Bridgestone, to create the worlds first run flat tyres, a tyre designed to carry on rolling safely, even when flat, allowing a driver to get to a garage instead of having to fit a spare. The tyres developed are now fitted as standard on most models of BMW, Mini and many higher end Audi models.

Continental have been praised by green campaigners for their work in trying to reduce the co2 emissions of vehicles fitted with their tyres, by reducing the rolling resistance of their tyres on the road. Their research division have successfully produced tyres which save petrol, compared with previous editions, and will carry on working to make motoring cheaper and more economical.

Continentals run flat tyres have also expanded, and are now produced for 4x4 vehicles, allowing more drivers to use the safer type of tyre. As well as the run flat tyres, the eco contact range of 

Continental tyres are also very popular, with drivers enjoying being able to get more miles from a tank of petrol, as a result of the reduction in rolling resistance.

As well as offering tyres for economical purposes, Continental tyres have a range of performance tyres which will keep performance cars glued to the roads in all conditions, and their racing team have competed in motor sports series all over the world.