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Bridgestone tyres is one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world, and after a spell as the largest manufacturer has recently being overtaken by Michelin. The companies rise to the top of the tyre manufacturers stakes is all the more remarkable when you consider that the company had not even been formed in1930, at a time when Pirelli and Michelin had both been operating for several decades.

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The company was formed in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi, and the word Bridgestone is the direct English translation of Ishibashi. Bridgestone tyres very quickly became the largest tyre manufacturer in Japan, after Ishibasi formed the company with the vast potential of the passenger car tyres market in his sights.

Bridgestone has one of the strongest market holds in Asia and decided to crack America in 1988, releasing a new brand, called Firestone, which has gone on to build a good reputation in America.

Bridgestone tyres have become known around the world for the consistency of their tyres, with quality and research two of the traits commonly associated with all of the tyres they manufacture.

Since their creation less than 100 years ago, Bridgestone tyres now have over 150 different production facilities all over the world, with a production presence in 24 different countries and a worldwide sale presence.

Bridgestone tyres annual turnover currently sits at just under 30billion, putting them on par with some of the largest companies in the world.

For proof of Bridgestone's quality, reputation and research skills you only need to look at the brands record in motor racing, and in particular Formula One, the sports premier brand. Bridgestone supplied tyres to Formula One between 1997 and 2010, and won 11 world championship titles, with Michael Schumacher at Ferrari taking full advantage of the research and information on offer to secure his seven World Championship titles. Bridgestone won 175 Grand Prix in total and are one of the most successful Formula One tyre brands of all time.

ridgestone tyres research department have over their rivals is access to their aircraft tyre division, with the extreme temperature changes and huge demands put on tyres on aeroplanes helping them make better tyres for their cars.

This coupled with their years of Formula One research make them one of the most knowledgeable tyre manufacturers in the world, and this research shows in the tyres they produce. 

Bridgestone tyres sold are their B range, which includes the B381s which have been designed to offer safety and resilience in all seasons, saving drivers from having to change tyres each season. Whilst changing to winter tyres in the winter is the safest way of driving, this is not always practical or affordable, so the Bridgestone B381s are a very worthy alternative.

Bridgestone tyres have over 60 different brands on offer to the UK market, with a range of sports performance tyres to economical tyres for the customer looking to watch the pennies.

Bridgestone do a good selection of run flat tyres in their range. For more information do a search on the homepage.