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TyreSafe celebrates five years of saving lives  08/04/2015

The tyre safety organisation TyreSafe have just turned five, and in their short spell in the UK have managed to achieve unparalleled success in changing Britons attitude towards tyre safety. The organisation is now the biggest tyre safety organisation in the UK and has come a long way since its introduction in 2006.

Since their inception, TyreSafe have contributed to a 38% decrease the in the number of people who have been killed or seriously injured on the roads of the UK as a result of tyre related accidents, and the statistic shows the effect the firm have had.

In just five years the organisation has managed to increase its member companies three times over, starting with just 12, and now boasting 35, with the Highways Agency and the Driving Standards Agency making up some of the more prestigious names on the list.

The group also has a number of car manufacturers and tyre firms as members, and are working hard with the industry to raise awareness of the important of tyre safety in the UK. The iPhone app which helps to check tyre pressure has been a huge hit, and has led to media coverage for the group. They also created a 20p tyre tread test, which has also been hugely popular with people all over the UK.

Chairman of the firm, Stuart Jackson was incredibly proud of the groups achievements, and explained, There's no doubt that TyreSafe has made a huge contribution towards improving drivers attitudes and behaviour towards tyre care and maintenance.

As an organisation we've been incredibly busy and proactive over the last five years, but it's important to note that we've also received fantastic support from many other organisations that has been critical in helping us educate people and raise standards.

The group have expanded their target audience over the last five years, adding motorcyclists and business owners to their initial target audience of car owners, and also offer advice to those driving horse boxes, caravans and trailers.

Jackson explained, Despite the many positives and achievements during our short history, there is still a huge amount of work for us to do as an organisation and as an industry.

There are still high levels of ignorance and neglect about many tyre safety issues so it's vitally important that we ramp up our activities even further during the next five years.