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Tyre fitters create tyre wall of shame calendar  13/04/2015

One of the biggest tyre fitters in the UK have used their vast network of branches to create a tyre wall of shame calendar for 2012. Kwik-fit, who have branches all over the UK have asked their fitters to send in photographs of the most dangerous tyres they have removed from vehicles, and have used the photographs to create a wall of shame.

Tyre safety is one of the biggest news items at the moment, and with nearly every tyre manufacturer trying to push drivers to be more careful with their tyres, the calendar has come at the right time for highlighting the relevant dangers.

One of the biggest reasons drivers are leaving their tyres longer and longer before changing them at the moment is because of the cost of motoring, and with the price of petrol and the price of insurance forever increasing, it's no surprise that drivers are looking to save money.

The biggest problem is that drivers are using the four postage stamp sized contact points with the road to save their money, and of all the areas to look at not spending money, your tyres is the wrong place. Drivers who have tyres which are unevenly worn, bald, or have suffered damage are potentially dicing with death, and one skid in the wrong direction, or a blown tyre can result in a very dangerous accident and potential serious injury or death.

According to the firms survey which accompanied their shock calendar, 11% of drivers admitted to leaving their tyres to run lower than they would normally because of financial pressures.

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