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Trading Standards call for puncture repair checks  17/04/2015

Trading standards have made a public call to motorists who have puncture repair work carried out on their tyres to make sure that the work has been done properly, after their latest investigation found that one in three garages were not carrying out the repairs properly.

While some punctures will require a new tyre entirely, especially if the puncture is in the side wall, or has damaged it in any way, there are others that can be simply repaired by pulling out the protruding item, and plugging it with a stopper. Whilst this usually will cost a driver less than 20, recent checks in Greater Manchester have revealed the risks that go along with having your car tyres repaired in such a way.

Great Manchester Trading Standards Officers carried out a series of spot checks across their area, and found that some garages were using patch repairs, which can be extremely dangerous. If a patch repair leaks water, the tyre can potentially blow, with devastating consequences, particularly if it is been driven at high speed at the time.

Trading Standards visited over 100 different tyre fitting garages and have issued advice, as well as promising a follow up check to the garages who fell foul of the safety laws. Garages should never repair a tyre from the outside, and should always use plugs, rather than patches to repair tyres for cars.

If there is any doubt about the quality of a repair, or the chances of repairing a tyre, the driver should just replace the tyre completely, as they are playing Russian roulette with their lives if they take a chance. With cars having just four contact points with the road, all through their tyres, the tyre is one of the most important parts of the car to have in good working order.

All garages used by RunFlatTyres must adhere to the British Standards guidelines set out to ensure the safety of drivers, and will fit plugs, rather than patches.