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Run Flat Tyres reviews  15/05/2015

After the introduction of Run Flat Tyres on to the car tyre market in the 1980’s they were greeted with mixed reviews. Many Run Flat Tyres reviews raved about the incredible new technology, which in certain situations, would certainly be life saving. The car industry, along with motoring experts, welcomed the advanced technology of Run Flat Tyres, combined with their tyre pressure monitoring systems, and quickly proclaimed in Run Flat Tyres reviews world wide, that this was the future of the car tyre industry.

In the early years of Run Flat Tyres, there was always one issue that appeared in tyre reviews and customer feedback over and over again. This was comfort. Run Flat Tyres use a specially designed tyre sidewall, which is highly reinforced, to allow the vehicles weight to be supported by the tyre when there is a total loss of tyre pressure. The early incarnations of the Run Flat Tyre, provided a harsher ride quality when driving, as the reinforced sidewalls would not flex and deform as a conventional car tyre would.

As technology has advanced and vehicle manufacturers, such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes have all integrated Run Flat Tyres systems across their ranges, the opinions and reviews have begun to change once again. Vehicle manufacturers now develop their cars around the Run Flat Tyres systems, by adapting their suspension and chassis settings, which provide a ride quality on par, and in some cases better than that provided by conventional tyres.

Todays Run Flat Tyres reviews praise the updated and revitalized Run Flat Tyres. The reviews are full of the advantages, which can be gained by having the modern Run Flat Tyres system fitted to your vehicle. The benefits of not needing to perform emergency wheel changes at the side of a busy road, and the added stability and control Run Flat Tyres can provide in the event of a sudden loss of pressure are all widely known and distinguished qualities of these tyres. Benefits that not many people are aware of include, added luggage space due to not needing a bulky spare wheel in the boot, added fuel economy due to savings in weight of not needing to carry a spare wheel everywhere you drive and, not needing to check your tyre pressure an a weekly basis thanks to the compulsory tyre pressure monitoring system which in fitted on all Run Flat Tyres equipped vehicles.