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Run Flat Tyres repair  11/05/2015

Repair a run flat tyre?

A hot topic among motorists who have run flat tyres fitted to their cars, is can run flat tyres be repaired?

All of the major manufacturers of run flat tyre technology recommend against repair, on the basis that it is impossible to determine how long the vehicle has been driven with reduced tyre pressure.

Run flat tyres have specially engineered side walls, which are strong enough to support the weight of the vehicle after the loss of pressure.

If the vehicle has been driven above and beyond the specified speed and distance recommended by the manufacturer, then there is a high chance the structural integrity of the run flat tyre technology may have been compromised.

For this reason it is virtually impossible to locate a reputable tyre fitter who is willing to carry out any form of run flat tyres repair.

Some garages may offer to try and fix the run flat tyre but common sense, what with new budget manufacturers making run flat tyres available and competition from other better known brands, is to replace with new, the run flat tyre having served its purpose, ensuring the safety of yourself and other motorists.