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Run Flat Tyres Prices  05/05/2015

Run Flat Tyres prices have always commanded a premium over normal tyres with the expense of the additional technology.

In the past year or two there has been a competitive shift with many more manufacturers offering run flat tyres production therefore and lowering run flat tyres prices. The technology remains the same.

This increase in availability and choice offers motorists with cars with run flat tyres a significant saving on these specialist tyres.

Run flat tyres prices were historically controlled by premium run flat tyres manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Good Year, Dunlop and Continental, however with less well known brands now offering run flat tyres technology many of the premium producers have had to reduce prices and in some cases where they own alternate brands extend their manufacture to these other brand portfolios.

The net beneficiary is now the motorist seeking choice and range and lowering the expense by being able to source cheaper run flat tyres prices.