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Recent cold snap sees winter tyre sales quadruple  06/04/2015

The recent bought of cold weather, and the lessons learnt during the last two years have led to a huge increase in the number of winter tyres fitted to cars this year. One of the biggest tyre fitters in the UK, ATS Euromaster revealed that they has fitted as many as four times more tyres this year than they had be the same period last year, with vans, cars and 4x4s all lining up to fit the winter tyres to their vehicles.

The last two years have seen a number of cold snaps, with icy periods and heavy snow storms leading to treacherous conditions on the road. With the car tyre being your only point of contact with the road, drivers are starting to see the importance of having tyres fitted on their vehicles which are fit for the purpose.

Winter tyres differ from standard tyres in that they are made from a slightly different rubber compound, which has been specifically designed to be more effective at colder temperatures, and maintains its elasticity to a colder temperature. This makes the tyre more effective at stopping a car, and gripping to the road and helps increase a customer's safety in their vehicle in the ice, rain and snow.

Winter tyres also have a different tread pattern to standard tyres, which has been designed to disperse snow and water from under the wheels more effectively, getting the tyre closer to the road surface and giving it a better chance of gripping.

The increase in sales will be seen as a victory for tyre safety campaigners who have been urging drivers to fit winter tyres for many years now. Group director at ATS, Huw Williams explained, Cold weather tyres are a worthy investment, which in many cases will last for several winters. And contrary to popular belief they won't double your tyre costs, as you're only causing wear to one set of tyres at a time, so total tyre wear doesn't increase. He added that the increased cost of purchasing the tyres, and storing them through the summer could be measured against increased safety, mobility, productivity and peace of mind.

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