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Part Worn Run Flat Tyres  12/05/2015

Like all tyres, it is possible to source part worn Run Flat Tyres, but before you think this is the way forward and a way saving money, have a look at the statistics in regards to part worn Run Flat Tyres in the UK. An in depth investigation into part worn Run Flat Tyres carried out by tyre safety organization, and in conjunction with trading standards, has found that a staggering 97% of all part worn car tyres sold in the UK are done so illegally. For a part worn Run Flat Tyre to be sold in the UK it must meet certain standards and pass stringent government controlled safety tests. Not only did the investigation show 97% of the part worn car tyres were being sold illegally, but of the 817 part worn car tyres purchased from all over the UK, more than one third should never have been offered for sale as they had potentially fatal faults or damage.

An issue, which is unique to part worn Run Flat Tyres, is unknown sidewall stresses through the life of the tyre. As a Run Flat Tyre uses advanced sidewall technology to support the weight of a vehicle after loss of tyre pressure, it is extremely important that the tyre is kept at its optimum inflation pressure. If part worn Run Flat Tyres have been used under inflated the integrity of the highly reinforced sidewall may have been compromised, which in turn can render the part worn Run Flat Tyre useless for is supposed purpose.

As the market has become more competitive with Run Flat Tyre manufacturers broadening their ranges and having to compete with the introduction of budget Run Flat Tyres, there is no need for customers to risk their lives, family or other road users by using potentially illegal and dangerous part worn Run Flat Tyres.