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Nottinghamshire tyre crackdown  27/03/2015

Tyre safety officers in Nottinghamshire have vowed to crack down on the practice of fitting illegal part worn tyres. The news comes after an investigation last week found some worrying results.

Trading standards officers visited a number of tyre fitting establishments in the county, and found a worrying number of illegal part worn tyres, which were fitted to their undercover vehicles. Officers took a single wheel to ten different garages and asked them to fit a part worn tyre, in an investigation prompted by an increase in accidents in the county caused by dangerous tyres.

The surge in purchasing part worn tyres is thought to have been brought on by the general cost of motoring, and the fact part worn tyres cost less than new tyres. Of the ten tyres fitted, two were not the size requested, and would have led to the failure of an MOT test, and another one was the victim of a bad puncture repair job and was very dangerous.

Not one of the tyres sold displayed part worn, a legal requirement of selling part worn tyres, and a further two tyres were not balanced for the drivers.

12 fatal accidents in the first seven months of 2011 in Nottinghamshire have been put down to illegal or under inflated tyres, with defective tyres also being found in 142 accidents in the last five years, accidents that saw the death of 70 people.

At RunFlatTyres we advise our customers to steer clear of part worn tyres, because they can be potentially unsafe. Car tyres get less and less effective as their tread wears away, so drivers buying tyres with only half of the tread left are getting less of the safety of a new tyre.

There is also the chance that part worn tyres may have undergone puncture repair, which increase the chance of them suffering a blow out, a situation which can cause drivers to lose control of their cars and to crash.

The trading standards officers will make further unannounced visits to the various retailers before deciding on what action to take.