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New research shows the fuel efficiency difference tyre and wheel alignment can make  14/04/2015

A new joint study by one of the biggest car manufacturers, and the biggest tyre manufacturers has show the difference to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions that having the right tyres can make.

Michelin tyres have teamed up with Volvo to commission a study into tyre pressure, wheel alignment and tyre type, to try to find extra savings for motorists who are currently struggling with the cost of motoring.

With the cost of insurance and petrol increasing all the time, owning and running a car is now more expensive than it has ever been and tyre and car manufacturers are keen to reduce motorists costs so that motorists don't start putting their safety at risk to save money.

One such method, not changing tyres and allowing them to run below the legal limit has become more and more common with drivers, but is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do, and poses a potential death threat for all travelling in the car.

The study revealed that drivers could save over 6,000 a year with the correct tyres, wheel alignment and tyre pressure, and Volvo will now act on the results of the study to help their drivers save money.

Business Area Manager for Volvo tyres, Arne-Helge Andreassen explained, "There is a lack of awareness in the transport industry about the importance of checking tyres and wheel alignment on both the truck and the trailer.

"At our dealers, we can help haulage companies check the entire combination and correct any problems."

Michelin and Volvo ran a 600mile test over a two week period, and found that the difference between a truck loaded with the correct tyres, alignment and pressures used as much as 15% less fuel than trucks with differing problems.

Of the differing problems, the correct tyres saved the driver around 11% in fuel, the correct wheel alignment saved around 2.5% in fuel and the correct inflation saved the driver a further 1%.

Michelin were keen to point out that the correct inflation of a tyre, and the correct selection also had huge safety bearings for drivers, particularly through the winter months.