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Motorists value winter mobility but fail to prepare  23/03/2015

A recent survey has found that a huge number of motorists in the UK believe that being able to drive throughout the winter is massively important to them, with 82% saying that staying mobile was important to them. The majority of those respondents even described their mobility as being very important, or critically important. Despite such an outstanding desire to keep going throughout the winter, especially after the last few years of snow, drivers are simply failing to prepare for the winter months, with a separate survey showing that just 5% of drivers are planning on fitting winter tyres this year.

Winter tyres are specially designed tyres that deal with the cold weather better, and have specific tread designs which are designed to keep your car on the road in the rain, ice and snow. Whilst the benefits of winter tyres in snow and ice are obvious, even in just the wet winter tyres can make a huge difference to your stopping distance.

The British Tyre Manufacturers tests recently found that a car would stop 5 metres earlier in wet conditions at 5 degrees centigrade when fitted with winter tyres. If you are braking suddenly in front of an articulated lorry, that 5 metres could be the difference between stopping, or stopping several metres into the back of a lorry trailer.

In the snow, stopping distances are even longer, and the difference between crashing and not crashing could be the tyres on your car. Customers are able to fit winter tyres during the winter, before changing to summer, or all weather tyres throughout the rest of the year, and whilst storage of tyres may prove problematic for some customers, every driver in the UK will find it safer to drive with the correct tyres for the time of year.

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