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Mini Run Flat Tyres Cost  13/05/2015

Mini Run Flat Tyres cost was once a worry for all Mini drivers who had the advanced technology of Mini Run Flat Tyres fitted to their car. As with all new technologies, the fortunate customer who is taking full advantage of all the benefits of the Run Flat Tyre system, are in the early days, also paying a premium price for the privilege. As the years have passed since Run Flat Tyres were first introduced back in the mid 1980’s, the cost of manufacturing them has reduced significantly. Over the past decade especially, we have seen a major rise in the number of cars fitted with Run Flat Tyres, and this mass appeal, combined with modern manufacturing techniques has saw the Mini Run Flat Tyres cost drop dramatically.

A decade ago drivers had a limited selection to choice from when it came to replacing their Mini Run Flat Tyres, and so had no choice but to fit what ever Run Flat Tyres the car tyres fitter was able to source, regardless of the price. Over the past few years car tyre manufacturers such as Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental and Bridgestone have all extended their range of Run Flat Tyres. They have recently come under extra pressure from the introduction of budget brands to the Run Flat Tyres market, which has cumulated in price drops and a competitive market place, which makes it a buyers market when the time comes to replace your Mini’s Run Flat Tyres.

For the Mini driver, the cost of replacing a worn or punctured tyre is no longer a cause of concern.