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Michelin launch Defender recession tyre  15/04/2015

Tyre manufacturing giants Michelin have announced their newest tyre, and have designed it to help their customers deal with the recession. The Defender tyre has been released as a tyre that will meet the demands of passenger car owners around the world, giving them both longevity and safety in one package.

Michelins initial tests against rival tyres leave their new tyre looking like the best tyre ever released, although we must take the results with a pinch of salt as Michelin chose the rival manufacturers tyres to test against. In a study against the Conti Pro Contact ECO Plus tyre, the Michelin Defender gave motorists an extra 21,000 miles before the tyre needed replacing, a staggering figure given the quality of the Conti tyre it was up against.

When tested against the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred touring tyre, admittedly not a tyre designed with safety as its main priority, the tyre stopped a loaded car 31feet earlier than the Goodyear tyre would, again a very positive result.

They also found considerable fuel savings over an equivalent tyre made by Yokohama, a mid range Japanese tyre brand often found in the UK.

The tyre, which will be manufactured in the US, will initially be available to the US market in a huge range of sizes, which should fit almost every tyre of passenger car available, and is expected to launch by April this year. Drivers in the UK can expect to see the new tyre shortly after.

The new tyre achieves its performance with the help of internal 3D active sipes and variable thickness sipes, which have been chosen through IntelliSipe Technology which is designed to optimise the number and type of sipes for each tyre size.

During the release launch of the tyre, Michelin described the Defender as a tyre that combines safety, longevity and fuel-efficiency in one high-performing tyre, without having to sacrifice one performance for another.