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Michelin cold weather tyre sales up 50%  21/04/2015

The largest tyre manufacturer in the world has this week revealed that sales of cold weather tyres in the UK have increased by around 50% this year, despite the milder weather we have been experiencing. With a few bouts of snow in the north before Christmas the only real sign of cold weather, it's been one of the warmest winters on record, but with snow due this week, that could all change.

According to Michelin, their company sold over half a million cold weather or winter tyres in the three months up to the end of December, which is around 50% more than they had sold by the same point last year, with last year seeing substantial pre Christmas snow all over the UK.

It seems that the tyre safety message, especially in the winter is finally getting through to motorists, as more and more people have fitted the cold weather tyres each year. Michelin revealed that they sold four times less winter tyres two years ago, showing that motorists are determined to improve their safety, despite having to fork out for a new set of tyres.

Many motorists with a garage are now keeping two sets of tyres, one which stay on their car, and the others which they keep in the garage, and then take to a tyre fitters at the beginning of the next season to have fitted. They then have winter tyres in the winter, and standard tyres in the summer, giving them the best combination of safety and fuel consumption.

Michelins cold weather tyres are most effective when the temperature drops below 7 degrees, a temperature that is maintained for large parts of the winter in the UK. On the continent, winter tyres have been commonplace for years, but they have taken a while to catch on in the UK.

With slightly different tread patterns and a different rubber compound used, winter tyres are designed to grip the road better in the snow and ice.