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Leading insurance firm warns against the use of second hand tyres  04/04/2015

One of the leading car insurance firms in the UK has revealed the results of a survey into the dangers of using second hand tyres, and the results show that large number of drivers are simply unaware of the dangers. The onset of a potential recession and the general increase in the cost of motoring has led many to consider using second hand tyres, which are cheaper, but are they putting their safety at risk in doing so?

Car insurance firm Swinton's research team found that over 1200 casualties occurred in the UK in last winter alone as a result of worn tyres, with 18 people losing their lives because of defective tyres during that same period. The figures, which were obtained from the Department of Transport showed the potential dangers of buying part worn second hand tyres, especially at this time of year.

The Swinton survey of drivers found that 43% of their drivers were willing to save a few pounds and consider fitting second hand tyres, with few understanding the risks involved. As a result of their findings the firm have released a guide to the dangers of second hand tyres, encouraging customers to buy new.

The guide highlights the potential dangers that a customer could put themselves at risk from, including the fact that structural damage to part worn tyres is rarely evident to the naked eye. This leaves many drivers buying a tyre that they have no idea of whether it has been in an accident in the past. They also pointed out that defective tyres can increase the length of road that will be travelled by a car breaking with defective tyres, with the equivalent of two car lengths added to braking distances in rain at just 50 mph.

The claims manager at the firm added, Purchasing second hand tyres during winter could put drivers and other road users at risk.

There is no rule stating that you cannot purchase part worn tyres however Swinton is advising motorists to consider investing in new ones.

They also pointed out that part worn tyres wear quicker and will need to be replaced more frequently, leaving new tyres more of an economically sound investment as they last so much longer.

Drivers should never buy part worn run flat tyres as they have no idea if they have been run flat at any point in their lives.