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How Do Run Flat Tyres Work  14/05/2015

How do Run Flat Tyres work? Customers all around the globe have asked this question when buying new cars or getting new car tyres fitted. There has even been Run Flat Tyres forums created for customers to discuss the innovative technology and how Run Flat Tyres work.

Run Flat Tyres work by utilizing an advanced car tyre technology, where by the side walls of Run Flat Tyres have an additional insert added during the manufacturing process. The addition of this insert dramatically increases the strength of the Run Flat Tyre side wall. This enables the Run Flat Tyres to work by having the side walls of the tyre support the weight of the vehicle when there is either a reduction, or total loss of pressure. This is a stark contrast to a conventional car tyre where the air pressure in the tyre alone, supports the entire weight of the vehicle.

On a day-to-day basis Run Flat Tyres work just like conventional tyres, they still contain air, they perform in the same ways, they offer equivalent fuel and braking performances and have equal durability to their non Run Flat Tyres counterparts. Its how they perform when the inevitable situation of a puncture arises. The design allows Run Flat Tyre equipped vehicles to continue being used within manufacturer specified distances and speeds. The Run Flat Tyres have built in tyre pressure monitoring sensors, which will alert the driver when they have sustained a puncture. Unlike conventional tyres the driver won’t be stranded at the side of a potentially dangerous road having to replace his punctured wheel with his spare. Another major benefit of the Run Flat Tyre system, is their stability in a puncture situation, providing the driver with a much higher level of vehicle control in comparison to conventional tyres, as the Run Flat Tyre system will support the vehicles weight when there is a total loss of air pressure.

The beauty of the Run Flat Tyres system is that you don’t even notice you have them, until they day comes when you really need them.