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Goodyear commended for their part worn tyre dangers campaign  11/04/2015

The Goodyear and Dunlop team in the United Kingdom have received rave reviews for their campaign to highlight the dangers of fitting part worn tyres to cars. The method of saving money, which sees drivers asking for cheaper part worn tyres from garages has become a big story in the news, as trading standards officers have found problems with the practice in several counties.

Whilst most main stream garages will not even entertain the idea of part worn tyres, some backstreet garages have been fitting the tyres, many of which may have hidden problems with the structure of the tyre which could lead to accidents in the future.

Goodyear have been keen to highlight these dangers, and want customers to avoid the practice, pointing out that the part worn market is very dangerous because of its lack of policing.

The brand received backing from Wholesale Director, Alan Baldwin of Micheldever Tyres, who described their campaign as an, excellent initiative in exposing the dangers of part worn tyres to the consumer.

He added, Amongst all the tyre manufacturers, Goodyear has clearly grasped the horrendous dangers of what the almost totally un-policed and dangerous part worn market means to the consumers safety and pocketsGoodyear's excellent flyer (The Ugly Truth about Part Worns) is the best information a consumer could be given and should be applauded by the entire industry.

Goodyear brand ambassador, Quentin Wilson revealed, Tyresafe has also worked tirelessly with trading standards around the UK to further highlight the issue, and we at MTS have seen it as a duty to our customers to produce tens of thousands of anti dangerous part worn flyers for distribution around the UK.

According to some reports, the part worn tyre market has boomed in the recession, with some arguing that it had grown 50% in a year, with over two million part worn tyres sold a year. Baldwin disagreed, adding, : UK tyre Retailers are under pressure like never before, recessionary pressures on consumers pockets, reductions in car usage, and massive pressure on retail prices due to national retailer discounting are all causing immense problems, but why should they suffer further sales attrition from the uncontrolled growth in the illegal part worn market which we firmly believe contrary to recent reports is nearer 5 million units a year.

He called on the industry to follow the example set by Goodyear, and asked them to, publicise and expose this disgraceful trade that offers horrendous risks to the consumer For how much longer will the UK be Europe's scrap casing dump?