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Get winter tyres now after huge snow storms are forecast  30/03/2015

As the north of the UK has been dealing with snow over the last day or two, the rest of the UK is now bracing itself for possible snow and ice with 100mph freezing winds and sub zero temperatures forecast for the next week.

With many drivers still driving around on worn tyres they have been using all summer, there will never be a better time than now to fit winter tyres, or at least new all weather tyres so you stay safe on the road in the wet, ice and snow.

It's not just who are encouraging drivers to fit the latest winter tyres to their cars. TyreSafe, a British organisation who publish advice on tyre safety throughout the year have now told customers they should not be giving winter tyres the cold shoulder, and are urging customers to seriously consider fitting the tyres.

Winter tyres are made from a different rubber compound, which has a lower freezing level and is designed to offer improved flexibility in colder weather, allowing the tyre to grip the road. They also have different tread patterns to standard tyres, which are designed to grip in the ice, and to disperse snow to allow the wheel to stay in contact with the road.

Chairman of TyreSafe, Stuart Jackson explained, "Cold, damp roads can be just as hazardous and should be treated with the upmost respect. Fitting winter tyres is the safest option as they provide extra grip in these types of conditions."

TyreSafe advise customers to use winter tyres between October and March, when cold and rain are most common in the UK, and with the last two years of snow and ice causing mayhem on the roads, it may be worth paying attention this year.

The British Tyre Manufacturers Association have also carried out tests on the effectiveness of winter tyres, and have found that drivers with winter tyres on their car who braked at 60mph stopped five metres quicker than a driver without winter tyres. That five metres could be the difference between stopping safely of stopping in the back of a lorry. Cooper tyres, another British tyre company have also joined the growing group of people urging Britons to fit winter tyres this week and to make driving safer this winter.