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Further part worn tyre woe as North Lanarkshire offices discover more foul play  10/04/2015

The reputation of the part worn tyre fitting industry has taken a further hit as yet another council has found problems with the practice of fitting part worn tyres in their areas.

North Lanarkshire trading standard offices carried out some testing in their area, following results from Nottinghamshire trading standards, which found illegal tyres being fitted as part worn tyres in the vast majority of cases they tested.

Officers in North Lanarkshire also found illegally fitted tyres, and didn't find a single tyre that fully complied with the safety regulations required of part worn tyres.

Trading Standards officers took a single wheel rim into 12 different tyre retail outlets, and asked for a cheap tyre. Two had undergone substandard repairs, and were deemed an immediate danger, and one was deemed extremely unsafe.

The remaining tyres were not properly labelled, as all part worn tyres must be labelled as such. The practice has become increasingly common as the recession has left motorists with less cash to buy tyres, but is still essentially a false economy.

Part worn tyres may cost as much as a third of the price of new tyres, but will often only be good for around a quarter of the time, essentially costing people more money over the lifetime of the tyres.

Here at Run Flat tyres, we only fit brand new tyres, ensuring our motorists have the safest possible tyre they can, with no risk that they can be sold a tyre that has undergone repair work, and has possible defects that could make it more likely to cause an accident.

By buying tyres online, you can also save money on the price of tyres new, bringing them closer in price to part worn tyres, with added safety, and a guarantee that they will last a lot longer.