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Four Bury garages warned about dangerous tyre repairs  25/04/2015

The dangers of having your tyres repaired were highlighted again this week as four more garages in the Greater Manchester area were warned about their future conduct regarding tyre repairs.

Trading Standards inspectors visited ten different garages in the Bury area and found that four were not carrying out safe repairs. The risks of having tyres which haven't been repaired properly are huge, with the potential danger of an accident caused by a blow out having devastating consequences.

Trading Standards officers in Greater Manchester have now inspected over 100 different tyre fitting garages and found that over a third had areas of concern over the way they were repairing tyres.

The correct procedure involves plugging the puncture from the inside, but some garages have been trying to save time and money by applying patches or fixing punctures from the outside. Tyres not plugged could get water in the repair, or the tyre, which can expand and explode, leading to fatal accidents.

Peter Jagger from Bury Trading Standards explained that his team, will be following up the survey to ensure that repairers in Bury are not putting the public at risk. They have already issued all of the mechanics at the garages with documentation explaining how to properly repair tyres.

The spokesman from Greater Manchester trading standards, Graeme Levy explained, The decision whether to repair or replace a punctured tyre is initially down to the motorist.

However they should be able to trust that any repair will be carried out safely.

We will continue to work with the trade to improve compliance but will take action against those that ignore advice and potentially put people's lives at risk.

Here at Run Flat Tyres we believe that motorists should replace punctured tyres if they are nearing the end of their life anyway, and should only consider repairs on new tyres, if the garage is reputable, and believe it is safe to repair the tyre.

If you have concerns over a repair to your tyre then you can contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 for advice.