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Firestone Introduce their First Run Flat Tyre to the European Market  03/05/2015

Firestone have introduced their new Firehawk SZ90 Run Flat Tyre to the replacement market. This will be Firestone's first tyre which has been developed with Run-Flat Technology in Europe.

The Firehawk SZ90 has a reinforced sidewall constructed of rubber which allows the motorist to continue to drive safely should the tyre start to deflate or if the tyre suddenly loses all of its pressure.

According to Firestone the new tyre is predominantly aimed at motorists who are looking for value for money Run Flat Tyres. Motorists who currently have their cars fitted with Run Flat Tyres may now be looking for 2nd or 3rd replacement tyres.

Firestone's aim is to attract more motorists into this market.