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Drivers travelling to the Alps to ski by car advised to check tyres before travelling  23/04/2015

With half term coming up in the next few weeks, the winter ski season is well under way, and more and more Britons are driving to the Alps this winter for their ski holiday than ever before.

More and more experts have taken to the media to warn of the perils of not having the correct tyres when driving up the mountains, as the huge falls of snow in recent weeks have played havoc with drivers trying to reach their destination.

In one resort in Switzerland, the roads were closed for almost a week because of the volume of snow that fell in just one night, and the rest of the region has seen numerous dumps of snow. Whilst this is great for the skiers, it's not as great for cars, and those fitted with the wrong tyres, or with a lack of tread will struggle to get up the mountain, posing a danger to both the driver and passengers of both the car in question, and the other cars on the road.

Some of the mountain passes in the Alps have also been closed to all cars but ones with snow chains fitted, with strict police enforcement either end preventing drivers sneaking through.

Drivers are advised to have snow chains in case, and to be willing to put them on, and take them off as and when they hit patches of road totally covered in snow.

A pattern of drivers who drive through France on their current tyres, before buying new tyres at the foot of the Alps is also emerging, but with journey times subject to change because of traffic delays and weather problems, drivers cannot be sure that the garage will still be open, and many who miss the garage are stupidly attempting to climb the alps on their old non suitable tyres.

Winter snow tyres and snow chains are essential for a safe and pleasant journey, and allow you to enjoy your trip and your skiing.