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Drivers have no idea about new tyre markings rule  07/04/2015

A recent survey has revealed that the majority of drivers in the UK have absolutely no idea about the new tyre marking rulings which will be introduced next year. The new legislation involves the way that every tyre sold in the UK must be labelled, and the major tyre manufacturers have been gearing up for it for quite some time.

An online survey by ATS Euromaster found that 86% of drivers had no idea about the new legislation, which will be rolled out across Europe as well as the UK. The new rules come into force in November next year, and with less than a year to go, governments will be worried about the tyre education of their countries.

A survey of 800 people found that just 2% knew exactly what the new legislation was, with a further 2% having a good idea, and 10% having heard of it, but not knowing what the markings would entail.

The new rulings will see all tyres made for cars, vans, pickups, trucks and 4x4 vehicles would have to have three different labels, which will make the selection of tyre for a particular vehicle far easier. The three criteria are wet grip, exterior road noise and rolling resistance.

Director at ATC, Huw Williams explained, We believe that the introduction of tyre labelling is a positive step for the industry  it will support the honest advice we already give our customers both online and in centres, which will in turn help them to make even better informed choices.

However, these results clearly highlight that very few people are even aware that this new system will soon exist  even though the vast majority believe it will affect their decision-making.

When asked about the importance they would place on each criteria, of the 800 asked, 55% thought that wet grip would be the most important to them, while 38% wanted to reduce fuel consumption with a lower rolling resistance. Just 7% were worried about the noise their tyres gave off externally.

Of those asked, 77% agreed that they would pay more now for a tyre with better rolling resistance, or wet grip, but just 45% said they would pay more for a tyre that had a better exterior rolling sound rating.