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Don't be one of the 1.3million and check your tyres today  01/04/2015

According to research carried about by Sainsbury's Finance this week, an astonishing 1.3million accidents have occurred as a result of wintery conditions, in just the last five years. Based on their research, Sainsbury's Finance are predicting a further 264,000 accidents this year, a staggering number considering the fact we should know what is coming.

With snow hitting large parts of the UK already this year, it seems inevitable we will all see snow at some point in the winter season, so it's best to be prepared for it. Whilst some may point to 4x4 cars and suggest they have a winter driving advantage, the best way to stay safe in the winter is actually to have the best tyres you possibly can. Every car has just four points of contact with the road, so you will want those points of contact to be the best they possibly can be.

Drivers with less than 3mm of tyre tread remaining should seriously consider ordering some new tyres, and where better than online where you can make instant savings over high street prices. With roads covered in ice likely to encourage more skidding, drivers should also consider fitting run flat tyres to compatible cars, as in the event of a puncture of blow out, run flat tyres will maintain their shape and give the driver a better chance of keeping control of their car.

The research by Sainsbury's also highlighted the countries lack of winter driving knowledge, with 50% of those put on a skid pan knowing how to correct a skid, and 38% of drivers admitting in a survey they would not know what to do. Many would actually do the opposite, which would make their situation worse.

Head of the insurance giant, Ben Tyte explained, Everyone knows that driving in wintry weather can be hazardous, but our study shows that a staggering number of drivers do not know how to handle their vehicles in icy conditions.
It's important to drive even more safely and be extra vigilant. With another icy winter reportedly on its way, we would encourage all drivers to make sure they know the correct way to handle their vehicle in slippery conditions.