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Continental tyres announce increase in demand  11/04/2015

A report by financial analysts Bloomberg has revealed that Continental tyres have seen an increase in sales over the last quarter of 2011, after they saw demand for green tyres, and safer tyres rise throughout the world.

Continental, who are the second largest car parts manufacturer in Europe revealed that their fourth quarter revenue would outperform the revenue from the third quarter, with both electronics and tyre sides of the business outperforming the rest of the industry.

Continentals spokesperson, Antje Lewe revealed that demand over the fourth quarter had developed with green tyres and safety in the front of customers minds.

The environmental requirements for tyres and the higher safety requirements is something from which we as a supplier are profiting, explained Lewe.

Demand from our customers particularly in the tyre business and the electronics business has grown strongly.

According to the report, the firm bases in Germany had predicted that they expected revenue to hit 30billion Euros throughout the year, with the results expected at the same time as the annual financial report at the beginning of March.

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