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Conti back new tyre labelling legislation  27/04/2015

German tyre giants, Continental, have this week come out and publically backed the new EU guidelines which are being brought in to help people buying car tyres work out exactly what they are buying.

Whilst customers buying televisions, cars, new vacuum cleaners and even those buying music online are able to fall back on reviews, and generally assume that an increased price will lead to an increase in product quality, many people making a tyre purchase have no idea what sort of tyre they are being sold.

The new legislations, which are due to come into force in November this year will see every tyre sold in the EU labelled with three different criteria, telling the person buying the tyre just how good a tyre they are buying.

Customers can expect to see the markings on tyres before November, as every tyre manufactured from the beginning of July this year must include the new markings, with all of the old stock without the markings having to be sold before November.

The label will have coloured markings, much like the efficiency markings already found on many household electrical items, like dishwashers and washing machines, and will tell the driver how much noise the tyre will make, how efficient the tyre is from a petrol consumption point of view, and how quickly the tyre will stop a car in the wet.

With drivers now able to see instantly how safe a tyre is, and how much money it will save them from a petrol point of view, there will be a lot more knowledge in the hands of the buyer, which will stop garages pushing the tyres that make them the most money.

Tyres will have a colour coded rating from A to G, with no D, so no tyre can be deemed average.

Continental revealed that they fully support the move, and were looking forward to making sure that standardised information was available for customers all over the EU.