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Britons slack attitude to tyres revealed in survey  03/04/2015

The alarming slack attitude many people in the UK show towards their tyres, and subsequently their own safety has been highlighted by the shocking results from a tyre survey. The survey was carried out by one of the leading van rental websites in the UK and found that 14.6% of motorists carried on driving on illegal tyres until they either failed an MOT, or were picked up by a service.

With such potential shocking financial and safety consequences it is very worrying that these people are allowed on the road. With tyres with tread depth under the legal limit taking longer to stop, and having less control on the road, these drivers are putting both themselves and others are danger on the roads.

They also face a 60 fine and three points for each tyre that is below the legal limit, so a driver with four illegal tyres could lose their licence. On top of the people who run their tyres below the legal limit, a further 47.8% admitted that they run their tyres down to the 1.6mm limit before they get them changed, rather than changing them at the recommended minimum depth of 3mm, where tyre safety is thought to be most affected from.

The survey found that the remaining drivers did change their tyres when they reached 3mm depth, something that is highly advisable at this time of year, with wet, icy and even snowy conditions meaning that tyres need every millimetre of their tread to stop your car and keep it on the road.

With the winter setting in, many experts are calling on drivers to fir winter tyres, but many seem to be ignoring the advice of experts, with just under 7% saying they had fitted winter tyres, and only a further 20% admitting that they might do at some point.

Tyre pressure, another tyre safety topic saw equally slack results, with 6.5% of motorists saying that they never checked their tyre pressure, costing themselves money because under or over inflated tyres are less efficient, and wear quicker. 30% admitted that they only checked their tyre pressure every month, which is less frequently than drivers should check their pressures.