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Bridgestone plan to colourize out tyres  20/04/2015

For many people, buying tyres is a boring but essential process, designed to help us keep our cars safely on the road at all times. Tyres slowly wear out, or develop punctures and need replacing, so we venture online, or to our nearest tyre fitters, and ask for some new tyres.

Bridgestone however have revealed plans to change this, by making tyres more fashionable. The Japanese tyre giant announced at the end of last week that they were going to change the boring black and round tyre landscape, and fill it with colour. The brand have managed to create a new tyre printing technology, which is specifically designed to help them print bright coloured patterns, murals and lines on the side of standard tyres.

The technology, which is said to be revolutionary will differ from technology currently used, and could have come just at the right time for the brand, who will have to label all of their tyres from November under the new tyre regulations, with coloured markings.

Tyre colouring technology currently uses a process which sees manufacturers add white rubber to their tyre sidewalls, which can then produce lines or large letters. The process currently adds weight to the tyre, and requires large amounts of white rubber to avoid colour disfiguration.

Bridgestone�s new technology works in a different way, and uses a new ink which had been recently developed, which is protected against colour disfiguration by using a layer underneath the ink and a layer above the ink protecting it from external and internal damage.

According to Bridgestone, they will now be able to realise the more creative showcase of tyres whilst also considering environmental concerns such as fuel efficiency.

Customers may be able to apply custom designs or photographs to their tyres in a move which could change the way tyres are sold in the UK, particularly to enthusiasts.

The firm have promised to continue to explore the many opportunities associated with this new tyre printing technology. Any designs added can be just as easily removed by the same technology which could leave some drivers changing their design every few months.