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Bridgestone and BMW extend driving experience tyre deal  29/04/2015

Tyre giants Bridgestone and German car manufacturers BMW have extended their existing supply arrangement that sees the tyre firm supply tyres for BMW cars used in the BMW driving experience.

The BMW driving experience was set up several years ago in a different name and continues to provide a specialist driver training course designed to improve the driver skills and safety of individuals taking the course.

The programme was previously called BMW driver training and saw over 50,000 drivers put through their paces all over Europe. With so many drivers getting the opportunity to improve their skills, and the course seeing such success and popularity BMW have rebranded, and will extend their existing tyre contract with Bridgestone for the new course.

The new course will see a range of cars from the BMW range used to improve a drivers skills with the 1series, 3serices, X5 and X6 models all due to be fitted with Bridgestone tyres for the duration of the training programme.

The course itself is split into several different parts and now has training courses which cover general road safety, driving in the snow or freezing conditions, professional driving and race driving. The company will also carry out BMW M Experience events, customized driving experiences and tours under the same umbrella.

Bridgestone released a statement explaining their decision to continue the partnership, explaining that the safety focus of the course matched in with many of their core values as a tyre manufacturer.

Senior Vice President at the firm, Tom Fukuda added, BMW and Bridgestone share many of the same goals in terms of safety and sustainable motoring. This agreement with BMW Driving Experience adds another dimension to our growing partnership.

Bridgestone is already the leading supplier of BMWs original equipment tyres and it is thought the partnership will further enhance the two companies joint desire to produce the best performance tyres they can for the cars.