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BMW Run Flat Tyres Warning Light  22/05/2015

What should a driver do when they see a BMW Run Flat Tyres warning light appear on their in car display? Thanks to having Run Flat Tyres fitted to their BMW, the driver doesn’t need to pull up at the roadside immediately when they see the BMW Run Flat Tyres warning light appear. The first thing the driver should do is drop their speed to the recommended speed specified by the tyre manufacturer, which is generally below 50mph. Next thing to do is to continue driving until you reach a safe place to pull over and access the problem, as long as this distance is within the maximum distance specified by the manufacturer. Once pulled over to safe location, the driver should check to see if the tyre has sustained a complete loss of pressure or if the pressure is just low, which can trigger the BMW Run Flat Tyres warning light.

If the pressure is just low, the driver should drive within the specified speed recommended by he manufacturer until they react a service station, or any other point where they can reflate their Run Flat Tyres to the recommended pressures. If the Run Flat Tyre has suffered a puncture, and thus a complete loss of pressure, the driver can continue driving up to a maximum distance and within a maximum speed, all recommended by the tyre manufacturer. This distance provides the driver enough distance to either, reach their final location, reach a reputable Run Flat Tyres fitter, or in the worst case scenario, find a safe place to park until a mobile Run Flat Tyres fitter can be arranged to come and fit a replacement tyre.

The BMW Run Flat Tyres warning light is triggered by the Run Flat Tyres pressure monitoring system, which is built into the wheel of every Run Flat Tyres equipped car.

For additional information regarding Run Flat Tyres speed and distance recommendation, please select your Run Flat Tyres manufacturer from the list below and call their Run Flat tyres customer service team for any information you may require.

Bridgestone UK   01926 488500

Continental UK  0844 630 0011

Dunlop UK  08453 453 453 (Option 3)

Goodyear UK  08453 453 453

Michelin UK  01782 402000

Pirelli UK  01283 525252