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BMW Run Flat Tyres  07/05/2015

The BMW brand stands for one thing: sheer driving pleasure. Sporting and dynamic performance combined with superb design and exclusive quality. This is the mission statement for BMW motors, a brand that prides itself on innovation and quality, so it is no surprise to find BMW Run Flat Tyres available across all models of the BMW range. From the futuristic electric “i” series, through to the range topping “M” series, BMW Run Flat Tyres have expanded from being an exclusive optional extra, to a feature that many BMW drivers expect on their new vehicles.

Nothing in the motor industry stands still, designers and engineers are at the cutting edge of technology, developing new and exciting products, and the tyre industry is no different. The introduction of Run Flat Tyres to the mainstream motor market was slow as the early iterations of the Run Flat Tyre gave a harsher ride with limited options in terms of replacement. BMW has played a key role in bringing Run Flat Tyres to the masses, and have assisted car tyre manufacturers develop and evolve the BMW Run Flat Tyres systems. 

Run Flat Tyres offer safety, peace of mind, reliability and performance, which are all key factors in the growth of the BMW Run Flat Tyres market, and the latest versions of these specialist cutting edge tyres have the ride and feel of a conventional tyre, with none of the limitations. It comes as no surprise that BMW, a brand known for its class leading technology, has Run Flat Tyres available across its entire range. As a driver, can you really afford not to join this Run Flat Tyres revolution?