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At least you don't drive in Indonesia  28/04/2015

If you've been left frustrated by the state of Britain's roads, with pot holes all over the place and traffic jams slowing everyone down, spare a thought for those who drive in the Indonesian city of Jakarta, where rogue tyre repair companies have come up with a further obstacle for drivers trying to get to work.

Over the last few years rogue tyre repair men have started spreading nails across the highways going into the city, leaving thousands of drivers with flat tyres. The repair men are then charging double for roadside repair assistance, as well as insisting that repairs are not possible and that each driver will need a brand new tyre.

Such practices make the pot holes and traffic we have to dodge in the UK seem like child's play in comparison but fortunately a team of volunteers have started trying to make life easier for the drivers in Jakarta.

An organisation who call themselves the Komunitas Sapu Bersih Ranjau Paku (Nails Wipeout Community in English) have ignored various death threats and warnings to take on the tyre repair men, by clearing the roads as quickly as they can.

As you may expect from a city where the average wage equates to just 1.60 a week, they don't have any high tech equipment to help them out, instead being armed with just a piece of wood, attached around their necks with rope, lines with magnets.

The ingenious devices are helping to suck all of the nails off the floor, as the volunteers risk their lives dodging rows of traffic during rush hour. Many leave their homes at 4.30 in the morning, and work until their start their day jobs at 7, all working for free.

In the time they have been trying to protect the cities roads they have collected over 450 kilograms of nails, with their average daily find dropping from around 5kg to 2kg as their works starts to make an impact and the police attempt to crack down on the offenders.

So far eight men have been arrested for the practice, with many more suspected, and five years in jail for the offenders. Let's hope they keep up the good work and halt the ridiculous practice for good.