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Run Flat Tyres - How They Work
Run Flat Tyres- How They Work

Recently run flat tyres are becoming ever more popular with motorists throughout the UK. Most car manufacturers now offer these as an optional extra or in some instances as a standard procedure. Run flat tyres are also known as extended mobility tyres and are specifically made with optimum safety in mind. If the vehicle in which you are driving suddenly loses air pressure through a puncture or a blow out the main aim of the run flat tyre is to maintain stability and control allowing you to stop safely.

How Do Run Flat Tyres Work

On the actual tyre itself there is a reinforced sidewall which keeps the tyre beads securely attached on to the rim of the wheel. Run flat tyres can also support the vehicle without having any air pressure within the tyres. Having the sidewall on a run flat tyre which is reinforced you can still drive your car safely without any air in the tyre. This allows you to stop safely or it will allow you to drive to a garage in order to have a replacement tyre fitted thus removing the need for a spare wheel.


It is important to remember that in order to have run flats fitted to your vehicle you must have a TPMS system or as it is otherwise known a tyre pressure monitoring system on your vehicle. This system is put in place to give the driver an alert warning that on any of the run flat tyres a loss of pressure has occurred. Run flat tyres are manufactured to allow the tyres to run at zero pressure and can go at a set speed for a number of miles.

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