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Mini run flat tyres
Mini, which is now part of the German car manufacturer, BMW, have followed BMWs lead and started equipping their cars with Mini run flat tyres.

Not all Miniís have the run flat tyres, but generally speaking the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S will be equipped with the Mini run flat tyres as standard, and the advantages run flat tyres bring suit the mini very well.

One of the biggest advantages of Mini run flat tyres is that it removes the need of a spare tyre, which in a mini can take up a substantial amount of space. The sportier fans of Minis will also be pleased with the weight reduction, which will improve the performance of any car.

As well as the space saving, A Mini, equipped with Mini run flat tyres will be safer to drive, as the tyre will never fully lose its shape, even if it does have a sudden loss of air pressure, making it safer for you to slow down and stop.

The Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S are equipped with the Pirelli Eufori@ tyres as standard, and these tyres are designed to be driven with a puncture at up to 50 miles per hour, for up to 100 miles, allowing you to get home, or to the nearest tyre garage to get your tyre changed, or even repaired.

The Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S support Mini run flat tyres because they are fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system, which measures the tyre pressure in the tyre continually, and will warn you if you develop a puncture.

It is not advised to use run flat tyres on a car that is not fitted with this equipment, as you will have no way of knowing if you develop a puncture, and could not slow down.

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