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Why Choose Us?

Before you can buy run flat tyres, you need to know exactly what they are, and whether they are suited to the car you drive.

Run flat tyres are a fantastic new technology, which is found on high end sports cars, hatchbacks and saloons, and are designed to keep you driving, even if you have a flat tyre. Run flat tyres are designed with strengthened outer walls, which are designed to maintain the shape of the tyre, even when it loses pressure.

Drivers driving a car fitted with run flat tyres can continue driving for another 50 miles, at speeds of up to 50mph, allowing them to get off the motorway, or to a garage to get their tyre changed.

How can I tell if I should buy run flat tyres?

For run flat tyres to work effectively the driver must know when they get a puncture, so they can slow down to below 50mph, and head straight to a garage. Cars which are suitable for run flat tyres are fitted with a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) which can alert the driver to a loss of tyre pressure. You should not buy run flat tyres if your car does not have such a system fitted to it.


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  • Firestone Introduce their First Run Flat Tyre to the European Market

    Firestone have introduced their new Firehawk SZ90 Run Flat Tyre to the replacement market. This will be Firestone’s first tyre which has been developed with Run-Flat Technology in Europe.

    The Firehawk SZ90 has a reinforced sidewall constructed of rubber which allows the motorist to continue to drive safely should the tyre start to deflate or if the tyre suddenly loses all of...

  • Run-flat Tyres Time to Embrace Them?

    Recently a motorist in his BMW with run flat tyres suffered his second puncture in three months and not just your average nail puncture either we’re talking about a major puncture here.

    Given the recent bad press about run flat tyres they may actually be the future for most motorists out there. With recent developments in BMWs new 3 series they appear...

  • US car manufacturers to scrap spare tyre to meet new economy targets

    Car manufacturers in the USA are contemplating leaving out the spare tyre of new cars they make as they endeavour to hit the new fuel economy targets they are being set over the next few years.

    Cars without spare tyres are already common in Europe, where BMW, Mini, Audi and Mercedes have already favoured run flat tyres instead of the weight of...

  • Bridgestone and BMW extend driving experience tyre deal

    Tyre giants Bridgestone and German car manufacturers BMW have extended their existing supply arrangement that sees the tyre firm supply tyres for BMW cars used in the BMW driving experience.

    The BMW driving experience was set up several years ago in a different name and continues to provide a specialist driver training course designed to improve the driver skills and safety of...

  • At least you don’t drive in Indonesia

    If you’ve been left frustrated by the state of Britain’s roads, with pot holes all over the place and traffic jams slowing everyone down, spare a thought for those who drive in the Indonesian city of Jakarta, where rogue tyre repair companies have come up with a further obstacle for drivers trying to get to work.

    Over the last few years rogue...

  • Conti back new tyre labelling legislation

    German tyre giants, Continental, have this week come out and publically backed the new EU guidelines which are being brought in to help people buying car tyres work out exactly what they are buying.

    Whilst customers buying televisions, cars, new vacuum cleaners and even those buying music online are able to fall back on reviews, and generally assume that an increased price...

  • Four Bury garages warned about dangerous tyre repairs

    The dangers of having your tyres repaired were highlighted again this week as four more garages in the Greater Manchester area were warned about their future conduct regarding tyre repairs.

    Trading Standards inspectors visited ten different garages in the Bury area and found that four were not carrying out safe repairs. The risks of having tyres which haven’t been repaired properly are...

  • Conti take Evos annual tyre prize

    February’s edition of Evo magazine is one of the most eagerly anticipated of the year, as the magazine carry out their annual tyre test.

    The performance car magazine is read by performance car enthusiasts all over the world, with many taking the advice found inside and using it to make purchasing decisions for their cars.

    With a range of tests carried out on...

  • Drivers travelling to the Alps to ski by car advised to check tyres before travelling

    With half term coming up in the next few weeks, the winter ski season is well under way, and more and more Britons are driving to the Alps this winter for their ski holiday than ever before.

    More and more experts have taken to the media to warn of the perils of not having the correct tyres when driving up the...

  • 100 million working days a year lost to Jams

    According to research from tyre giant Continental, drivers in the UK waste over 100 million working days a year sitting in traffic jams commuting to and from work, with a whole range of traffic jams, road works and general congestion blamed for the delays.

    According to Continental, that adds up to each person spending 58 working weeks of their lives sat in...

  • Michelin cold weather tyre sales up 50%

    The largest tyre manufacturer in the world has this week revealed that sales of cold weather tyres in the UK have increased by around 50% this year, despite the milder weather we have been experiencing. With a few bouts of snow in the north before Christmas the only real sign of cold weather, it’s been one of the warmest winters on...

  • Bridgestone plan to colourize out tyres

    For many people, buying tyres is a boring but essential process, designed to help us keep our cars safely on the road at all times. Tyres slowly wear out, or develop punctures and need replacing, so we venture online, or to our nearest tyre fitters, and ask for some new tyres.

    Bridgestone however have revealed plans to change this, by making tyres...

  • New tyre labelling due in November

    The way that you buy and consider new tyres will change completely later this year as the government introduce new tyre labelling legislations. At the moment, many motorists turn up at a garage and base the quality of the tyres on the different prices and the garages recommendations.

    Whilst most garages will be totally honest, you are relying on their knowledge,...

  • Trading Standards call for puncture repair checks

    Trading standards have made a public call to motorists who have puncture repair work carried out on their tyres to make sure that the work has been done properly, after their latest investigation found that one in three garages were not carrying out the repairs properly.

    While some punctures will require a new tyre entirely, especially if the puncture is in the...

  • UK fleets neglect tyre safety during recession

    Further proof that individuals and businesses in the UK are neglecting their tyre safety as costs of motoring continue to rise and government cuts start to take hold came this week in the form of a report from the Freight transport Association.

    The FTA are one of the biggest trade associations in the UK and represent rail, sea, air and road...

  • Michelin launch ‘Defender’ recession tyre

    Tyre manufacturing giants Michelin have announced their newest tyre, and have designed it to help their customers deal with the recession. The ‘Defender’ tyre has been released as a tyre that will meet the demands of passenger car owners around the world, giving them both longevity and safety in one package.

    Michelins initial tests against rival tyres leave their new tyre looking...

  • New research shows the fuel efficiency difference tyre and wheel alignment can make

    A new joint study by one of the biggest car manufacturers, and the biggest tyre manufacturers has show the difference to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions that having the right tyres can make.

    Michelin tyres have teamed up with Volvo to commission a study into tyre pressure, wheel alignment and tyre type, to try to find extra savings for motorists who are...

  • Tyre fitters create tyre wall of shame calendar

    One of the biggest tyre fitters in the UK have used their vast network of branches to create a tyre wall of shame calendar for 2012. Kwik-fit, who have branches all over the UK have asked their fitters to send in photographs of the most dangerous tyres they have removed from vehicles, and have used the photographs to create a wall...

  • Goodyear commended for their part worn tyre dangers campaign

    The Goodyear and Dunlop team in the United Kingdom have received rave reviews for their campaign to highlight the dangers of fitting part worn tyres to cars. The method of saving money, which sees drivers asking for cheaper part worn tyres from garages has become a big story in the news, as trading standards officers have found problems with the practice...

  • Continental tyres announce increase in demand

    A report by financial analysts Bloomberg has revealed that Continental tyres have seen an increase in sales over the last quarter of 2011, after they saw demand for green tyres, and safer tyres rise throughout the world.

    Continental, who are the second largest car parts manufacturer in Europe revealed that their fourth quarter revenue would outperform the revenue from the third quarter,...

  • Further part worn tyre woe as North Lanarkshire offices discover more foul play

    The reputation of the part worn tyre fitting industry has taken a further hit as yet another council has found problems with the practice of fitting part worn tyres in their areas.

    North Lanarkshire trading standard offices carried out some testing in their area, following results from Nottinghamshire trading standards, which found illegal tyres being fitted as part worn tyres in the...

  • Michelin tyres continue their energy drive with Dundee plant consumption cuts

    For a long time Michelin tyres have been one of the market leaders at developing tyres which use less energy to enable cars to travel further on one tank of petrol. The companies range of tyres have improved year on year as the brand have invested millions of pounds, and they now sell tyres which can travel up to 50,000 miles...

  • TyreSafe celebrates five years of saving lives

    The tyre safety organisation TyreSafe have just turned five, and in their short spell in the UK have managed to achieve unparalleled success in changing Britons attitude towards tyre safety. The organisation is now the biggest tyre safety organisation in the UK and has come a long way since its introduction in 2006.

    Since their inception, TyreSafe have contributed to a 38%...

  • Drivers have no idea about new tyre markings rule

    A recent survey has revealed that the majority of drivers in the UK have absolutely no idea about the new tyre marking rulings which will be introduced next year. The new legislation involves the way that every tyre sold in the UK must be labelled, and the major tyre manufacturers have been gearing up for it for quite some time.

    An online...

  • Recent cold snap sees winter tyre sales quadruple

    The recent bought of cold weather, and the lessons learnt during the last two years have led to a huge increase in the number of winter tyres fitted to cars this year. One of the biggest tyre fitters in the UK, ATS Euromaster revealed that they has fitted as many as four times more tyres this year than they had be...

  • Leading insurance firm warns against the use of second hand tyres

    One of the leading car insurance firms in the UK has revealed the results of a survey into the dangers of using second hand tyres, and the results show that large number of drivers are simply unaware of the dangers. The onset of a potential recession and the general increase in the cost of motoring has led many to consider using...

  • Britons slack attitude to tyres revealed in survey

    The alarming slack attitude many people in the UK show towards their tyres, and subsequently their own safety has been highlighted by the shocking results from a tyre survey. The survey was carried out by one of the leading van rental websites in the UK and found that 14.6% of motorists carried on driving on illegal tyres until they either failed...

  • Could Bedford council’s taxi tyre regulations be a sign of things to come?

    This week saw the threat of taxi driver strike action in the Bedford area, after taxi drivers threatened to walk out in the New Year over plans to introduce tougher tyre regulations for taxi drivers.

    The drivers are upset at new plans outlined by the council which would make the minimum legal limit for taxi driver’s tyres 2.5mm, which is well...

  • Don’t be one of the 1.3million and check your tyres today

    According to research carried about by Sainsbury’s Finance this week, an astonishing 1.3million accidents have occurred as a result of wintery conditions, in just the last five years. Based on their research, Sainsbury’s Finance are predicting a further 264,000 accidents this year, a staggering number considering the fact we should know what is coming.

    With snow hitting large parts of the UK...

  • Bridgestone developing a tyre without air

    Japanese tyre giant Bridgestone today announced that they were developing a tyre without air, having already made a concept model which they have been showing off in Japan. Bridgestone believe their new tyre will eventually replace the standard tyre as we know it today, and could spell an end for tyres with air in them.
    Whilst it is possible to make tyres...

  • Get winter tyres now after huge snow storms are forecast

    As the north of the UK has been dealing with snow over the last day or two, the rest of the UK is now bracing itself for possible snow and ice with 100mph freezing winds and sub zero temperatures forecast for the next week.

    With many drivers still driving around on worn tyres they have been using all summer, there will never...

  • Buy your tyres online and avoid the queues

    The Christmas period may be a quiet time of year for some businesses, with many shutting down altogether for the festive period, but for retailer’s things are quite the opposite. Some retailers base their entire year’s profits on their sales between November and December, as the rush to get Christmas presents begins.

    The last few years has seen a huge change in...

  • Nottinghamshire tyre crackdown

    Tyre safety officers in Nottinghamshire have vowed to crack down on the practice of fitting illegal part worn tyres. The news comes after an investigation last week found some worrying results.

    Trading standards officers visited a number of tyre fitting establishments in the county, and found a worrying number of illegal part worn tyres, which were fitted to their undercover vehicles. Officers...

  • Driving to the Alps this winter? Check Your Tyres

    Every year thousands of Britons up sticks and travel across the channel before driving down to the Alps to go skiing, snowboarding or to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the snow and mountains. After a worryingly slow start to the season, the snow has finally fallen over the last day or two, and ski resorts across France, Austria and Switzerland have...

  • Winter tyres will not incur insurers wrath

    Today’s announcement by the Association of British Insurers that car insurance premiums would not increase if a driver fitted winter tyres to their car was met by approval from campaigners for both common sense and road safety.

    Here at RunFlatTyres we often call on drivers to fit winter tyres during the colder months of the year, and will continue to explain to...

  • Motorists value winter mobility but fail to prepare

    A recent survey has found that a huge number of motorists in the UK believe that being able to drive throughout the winter is massively important to them, with 82% saying that staying mobile was important to them. The majority of those respondents even described their mobility as being very important, or critically important. Despite such an outstanding desire to keep...